Lysander Spooner papers, mostly of 1850-51, relating to his claim for establishing low postage.  The claim is absurd.  Spooner was an amateur, who doubted the Constitutionality of the Government monopoly in postal affairs (he forgot that a fact is more powerful than a doctrine), attempted a private mail line (which failed), and then fancied that he ought to have a reward because he had “coerced” Congress to reduce postage in 1845.  It is all very odd, and rather worthless.  There is also a strange letter of Spooner to the woman who had sense enough not to marry him.  Spooner died 3 or 4 years ago.  The papers were given me by Dr. Charles E. Clark, Boston Registrar of Voters 1889-1892. The papers not so worthless I have pasted in a Scrapbook marked PRIVATE MAILS—LOW POSTAGE.


                                                                                                C.W. Ernst,

                                                                                                            ___ Postmaster at Boston


Swampscott, 28 August, 1892.